Jonathan Mills is a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft ASP.Net Insider, and International Speaker on topics ranging from Node.js and Angular to Management and Agile Development. Jon is a consultant with Paige Technologies and helps our clients deal with the constantly changing landscape of software development. Jon also has the opportunity to promote positive management and project practices. Jon’s current favorite tech stack is javascript including Angular and Node, but is constantly paying attention to the next big thing.


  1. Just finished your Pluralsight course on Node.js and Express.
    Very well made.

    Has anyone told you that you sound like Seth Rogen. It is a talent you should capitalize on 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your presentation on demystifying Big Data earlier today (2015-08-07). I have a couple of questions though first, I am building a social media site in sails.js, and for the feeds, I am getting the classes that the user has, getting the feeds that belong to the class, then getting the comments belonging to that feed, I don’t know how/if I can know when I’ve gotten all the items, so I’m pushing each peace to the client, and having the client piece them back together, is there a better way to do this? Second, is there a way to pair a NoSQL server with a language like Prolog?

  3. Hi
    i watched all your videos at pluralsight and i must point that they are perfect.

    one thing left to ask you
    please do more videos there on any topic because they are perfect.


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