iOS from Stanford, Python from MIT

One of the coolest things about the internet is the immense amount of information that you can find. As a self professed academic, I stumbled across the mother load the other day. Open Culture has a list of over 700 college courses available for free on line. These are not courses from some random local college. These are classes from Yale, Stanford, MIT and Harvard to name a few. Full video lectures, handouts, and assignments, all available to you for no cost. Its crazy. If you have iTunes, check out the listings in iTunes-U. My oldest son (a freshman in high school) is currently working through a Python course taught by the department chair at MIT. I am doing a game theory class from Yale as well as an iOs class from Stanford.

For all you developers or tech geeks out there. There is no excuse for letting your skills get stale. Go out and watch some lectures on a topic of your choice and put your brain to work.

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