Here is a list of the sessions I am currently speaking on.

Getting your Web Projects Production Ready with Gulp

With modern web applications, there is a lot of give in take. Less and Sass make for simpler development, but I have to compile them for use. Splitting out my .js files makes my code more readable and maintainable, but it is much more work for the browser to download them all, not to mention managing all the includes… Minified js and css files are much more efficient, but I have to minify them all, then change all my includes. And that just the start. In this session, Jon will show you how to automate all of this with Gulp, a powerful streaming build system for javascript. And the best part is, it will do it all automatically, without you having to remember, bringing in the best of both worlds.

Custom Directives in Angular

Custom directives are a powerful way to clean up and simplify your markup. They allow you to describe constructs in your html to vastly improve readability of your html. Unfortunately, they are also a little complicated and hard to wrap your head around at first. In this session, Jon will get you on the road to understanding the hows and whys of custom directives, and when and where to implement them.

Sharing Data Between Controllers? There is a Service For That

Angular can get very complicated, very quickly. You will often find yourself on one extreme or the other… Trying to do way to much with one controller or trying to cobble data together across many different controllers. In this session, Jon will start to outline the magic of services. Jon will show you how to leverage services as the backbone for communication for your application. This will greatly improve reusability and maintainability in your application.

Building UI with React.js

With the rise of every new javascript framework comes the list of questions that nee an answer. Why do we need another one? What problem does this framework solve that the other ones don’t. Will this be around in 6 months? In this session, I will walk you through React’s distinct take on UI design and development. I will show you where it is appropriate to use and how to fit it into your existing tech stack.

RESTful APIs with WebAPI

Web API is awesome, and just a little bit of magic. Using WebAPI, you can begin to implement easy to use APIs that are hugely flexible and usable by a wide array of clients. In this session, I will walk you through how to stand up a flexible, robust, and testable API using WebAPI and Entity Framework.

Test Driving Angular with Jasmine

With the rise of JavaScript, more and more our application logic is being moved to the front end. This raises some problems with testing our application code. NUnit, MSTest, etc are not built to operate in the JS space. So enters a new set of unit testing tools built just for javascript. In this session, I will show you how to stand up and test your JS applications using one of the more popular testing tools, Jasmine.

Design Patterns in Practice

If your experience with design patterns does not venture much past the repository or factory patterns, than this session is for you. Design patters are often fun to talk about or interesting from an academic standpoint, but many struggle with how to implement them practically in the real world. In this session, I will walk you through the different categories of design patterns and show you practical implementations for many design patterns.

There Is No “Right” Way

In a group of developers, ask any question and you are guaranteed to get to get a wide variety of answers, and all of them are the only right way to accomplish the task… We can’t al be so wrong, can we? The reality is that we work in a field that is massively complex and constantly changing. Technology, Requirements, Coworkers, and Users are constantly in flux. In this session, I will walk you through multiple approaches to solving similar problems with different priorities taken into account. I will begin to expose how programing the “wrong” way is often times the “right” way.

Aggregate your Data with MongoDB

The MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline is a ridiculously powerful tool for querying and aggregating your data. In this session, I will walk you through how to stage your queries through each step of the pipeline. I will show you how to use $project, $match, $group, and the rest of the option to their full ability.

Build a Restful API with Node.js and Express

Node.js is a simple and powerful tool for backend development. When combined with express, you can create lightweight, fast, scalable apis very fast, and very simply. In this session we will walk through how to stand up a lightweight Express server serving truly restful services using Node.js, Mongoose, and mongoDB.

Responsive Web Made Easy

Building web applications for the modern world means is more complicated than ever. Users expect a seamless experience from a large monitor to a tablet to a smartphone. This use to be a complicated process with much css knowledge required. Not so any more, in this session, Jon will walk you through how to build out a mobile first responsive website using Bootstrap and JQuery. No CSS needed…

BDD/TDD in Node with Mocha and Chai

We all know we should be writing test, and we know that writing tests should be driving our architecture. But, wading through the options and configurations can sometimes be overwhelming. In this session, Jon will walk you through the modules and patterns I use to develop using the “Behavior test, then Unit test, then code” cycle.

Secure Your Web Applications with OAuth and Passport.js

OAuth is a powerful tool for secure authorization for your application. However, OAuth is also not exactly simple to implement. Luckily for us, Passport has come about to greatly simplify this process for us. In this session, Jon will walk you through how to set up your Node.js application to support signin with oauth providers including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Jon will also show you how to secure your routes based on different levels of authentication.

Stop Banging Your Head Against The Wall

Lessons I learned from my 5th grader

The modern person is being constantly pulled in a hundred different directions at any given time. Between our boss, our coworkers, our families, our personal development, our health, etc… we simply have too much to do. And once you have too much to do, you will rapidly start doing nothing. In this session, we will look at some tips and tricks to help you focus on the right things, and how to say no to the things you need to say no to.

Demystifying Big Data

Big Data is here to stay. And with it comes a deluge of new buzz words and acronyms. Phrases like “NoSQL”, “Document Database”, “Velocity, Volume, and Variety”, “Hadoop”, and “Map Reduce” are now commonplace. To make matters worse, depending on who you talk to, the definitions of these phrases are slightly different. Jon will walk through what big data really means and pull back the curtain on all the buzzwords surrounding it. Jon will explain the origins of NoSQL, what the various NoSQL databases are, and when each would be used. Jon walks you through the concept of MapReduce and how this tool will allow manipulation and aggregation of massive amounts of data in your enterprise.
Jon will help you understand what all of these various new technologies really are and how they could impact you and your business. Most importantly, Jon will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about when and where these tools should be used in your enterprise.

The Right Amount Of Planning

With agile projects, finding the balance of planning can be a difficult balance. Plan too much, and when things change (and they will) your time was wasted. However, if you plan too little, you may end up going off in the wrong direction. In this session, we will discuss what the right amount of planning is to get you started, but how to avoid doing so much that you are wasting your time.

Managing Developers

Most modern day workers have a very negative view on middle or front line managers. They see managers as waste and a constant source of interruptions to their day. My contention is exactly the opposite. A “Good” manager should make their developers more productive. Not by standing over their shoulder and making sure they are working, but by standing behind them and keeping everyone else off their backs.

In this session I will teach you the top attributes of a really good manager and how to implement them for your team. I will show you how to improve the productivity and satisfaction of your team members with 10 straightforward techniques.

Rocking Out With Android Studio

Android Development has come a long way with the release of Android Studio. In this sessions we will explore the power of Google’s new development platform – along with some tips and tricks for how to get the most out of it.

Intro to Lean and Kanban

By now almost everyone has heard the terms Lean and Kanban. The big questions are, how are these practices different than the agile movement and when is a good time and place to use them. Jon will show you what lean is and where Kanban and lean manufacturing came from. He will demonstrate real world examples of how to implement the concepts properly to improve your teams overall performance.


  1. I was in your Code Camp NYC session “Build a Restful API with Node.js and Express”. I thought it was great and wanted to review the code you presented. Is the presentation code available?

  2. Hey, i m doing restful web services with node js and express in plural sight. I did the first part, but i cannot get data when i click the following link.


    I’m getting [] null object.Why ? I just inserted some data using mongo shell. because u are not telling us how to enter data in mongodb. I know mongo a bit. So i insered. In mongo shell , when i used “db.Book.find()” , i can getall data. but with api, its [], null. Why ? 🙁

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